Old writing

This section is quite outdated – I’ll polish it up when I have a moment, but for now you can check out some of the early days of my writing and online appearances.

My writing has been featured on lots of wonderful sites all across the web. A sampling of my guest posts are below. If you’re interested in me writing for you, feel free to reach out and let me know your idea.

Making A Weakness A Strength (KXAN news)

Asperger’s: My Unique Gift (Autism Speaks)

The Gift Of Asperger’s (DJ Fiddle Foundation)

Making A Weakness A Strength (KXAN news)

What I Learned About Learning When Learning Social Skills (Puttylike.com)

3 Simple Ways For Your Business To Do More Good

We’re getting even older here. This is creative writing I mostly did in college. I’m hesitant to include it, because it doesn’t always reflect my current writing style or thoughts about the world.

Nonetheless, I’m putting it here for you, because I’m still proud of it and because I still think it deserves to be read. Enjoy.


Elegy for Dawn

Four. Evv. Arr.

Rocks in Her Pockets



The Owl

True Love at Bible Camp

Bed Decisions

My Nose

Iambilical Cord

Creative Nonfiction

Meowster the Good

Reflection on Lent

2013 Resolutions

Improve Your Social Skills Manifesto

Faith Journey


I go more in depth about my speaking here, but if you just want to experience some of my best speeches, I’ve included the transcripts or videos here.

Westmont Monroe Scholar Banquet Speech

TedX University of Arizona: “Sandwiches, Creaky Doors & Community: My Life With Asperger’s” (text)

Toastmaster’s Competition: To Live An Epic

2014 Providence Place Graduation Speech