Meowster the Good

December 2019

My kitten Meowster passed away today. She died wrapped in her favorite blanket and she was purring and leaning into my hand when she passed peacefully into sleep.

She came home with me on Oct 25. I was not planning to adopt a cat, but when I visited her in the store she came right up to me and curled up in my lap. When it was time to go and I put her aside, she immediately climbed back in. She chose me, and when a cat chooses you you don’t have much of a choice.

She was sick when I got her, and started to show symptoms within a week. Despite the best care I could give her, her disease of FIP is 100% fatal for cats and she reached a point where the kindest thing I could do was let her go. I am comforted by the knowledge that if I had not adopted her, the shelter likely would have put her down when she began to show symptoms. This way, she got to have a life even though it was brief.

And it was a good life. She liked to play with her rainbow cat dancer toy, and she would sit in her cat condo and look out over the world. Despite her name, she rarely meowed – she would chirrup when she was excited and squeak when she wanted my attention. When I started turning on the TV to watch a movie, she learned to jump on the chair so she could be ready to watch it with me, and our last nights together were special because each night was a Meowster movie. Towards the end, when her appetite faded, she was able to try exciting new flavors – sardines and tuna, turkey and popcorn, and her absolute favorite, ranch dressing.

More than anything, she enjoyed cuddling, and she would happily spend hours in my arms or on the lap of anyone who came near her. She truly loved everyone that she came in contact with, and she was quick to forgive when I had to give her medication or take her to be poked and prodded at the vet.

Before she died, I had the opportunity to say some words to her. This is what I said:

“At first, I waited to name you because I wanted to know who you are.

Now I know you.

And so I name you Meowster the Good, because every part of you is good.

I name you Meowster the Brave, because you fought to take every scrap of joy you could in the face of a terrible foe.

I name you Meowster the Clever, because you knew how to find every hidden place in my apartment.

I name you Meowster the Wise, because you knew to ask me to take you home.

I name you Meowster the Gentle, because you never caused pain to others even when you were in pain.

I name you Meowster the Open-Hearted, because you were a friend to all you met.

I name you Meowster the Everlasting, because you will live on as I carry you in my heart.

And I name you Meowster the Beloved, because I love you.

Go in peace to the place with no more pain, knowing who you are, and knowing that you were well loved and that you loved well.

Goodbye, my littlest friend.”