Daniel Wendler, PsyD


My name is Dan, and I am good at some things.


I wrote an online social skills guide, three books, and a poem about my bed. I’m currently working on a new book, so stay tuned!

You can see the full list of my writings here.


I spoke at TEDxBend in 2018 about “What Being Autistic Taught Me About Being Human” and TEDxUniversityofArizona in 2013 about “My Life with Asperger’s.” I do a lot of other speaking all around the country, and I love connecting with new audiences.

If you’re interested in a keynote speaker on autism, friendship, and more, please check out my speaker page and get in touch!


I also help mental health professionals market themselves online. I earned my stripes at a Google Ads agency that served big businesses, but after I started down the path of clinical psychology I started offering my business skills to my new mental health colleagues instead.

I wrote a marketing guide for therapists to make it easier for clinicians to grow their practice and serve more clients, and I’ve helped hundreds of private practice therapists with Google Ads, SEO, website content, and more. Along with Dr. Kyler Shumway, I’ve also produced an extensive curriculum of free training on building your professional presence for the American Psychological Association.

If you’re interested in consulting with me on your marketing efforts, or having me produce a professional development training, get in touch!

“How does that make you feel?”

Oh, and I’m a psychologist in private practice at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, Texas. It’s a great honor to have a career where I get to walk alongside people as they heal, change, and grow, and I love learning new ways to help people flourish. It’s also pretty fun to be called “Dr.” Wendler!

The running of the basset hounds

I am not so good at other things. My handwriting is poor at best, my cooking ability is limited to “puncture film three times and microwave,” and I thought Crocs were fashionable for years. However, I like to think that my failings in these areas are endearing in the same way that a basset hound running is endearing.


I like people, so I’d love to hear from you. You’re welcome to contact me by shining my symbol on a cloud above Gotham city, but your best bet for getting in touch with me is my contact form.

I also have a social skills newsletter and an online marketing newsletter for therapists. If you’re interested in either, just click the link to sign up (I’ll never spam you or sell your info.)

Interested in my professional credentials? Check out my CV or my LinkedIn.

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Having a bad day? I’ve got you covered.