Daniel Wendler, PsyD


My name is Dan, and I am good at some things.


I speak professionally for organizations including Google, Accenture, and Harvard University. I most commonly speak on:

  • Neurodiversity and autism
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Loneliness and belonging

If you’re curious about my speaking style, your best bet is to watch my 2018 TEDxBend talk “What Being Autistic Taught Me About Being Human.” If you want to see baby Dan give a speech, you can also check out my 2013 TEDxUniversityofArizona talk “My Life with Asperger’s.”

I offer inspirational keynotes, informational webinars, and experiential workshops, as well as co-led talks with Dr. Kyler Shumway. If you need a speaker for your next event or an expert on neurodiversity for your workplace, check out my speaker page and drop me a line.


I’m a bestselling author on neurodiversity, autism, and overcoming loneliness.

My most recent book is the Audible exclusive Neurodiversity and the Myth of Normal, co-authored with fellow psychologist Dr. Kyler Shumway (who happens to be my best friend – cool, right?).

Our book is a comprehensive explanation of neurodiversity, which is the idea that neurotypes such as autism and ADHD can be viewed as differences, not deficits. It contains practical applications for creating inclusivity and reversing the damage caused by the myth of “normal”, whether you’re neurodivergent or neurotypical yourself. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to listen to (if you don’t believe me, just wait until the chapter with Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

If you want to keep up-to-date with my writing, the best option is my Substack. It’s the place where I share my latest writing that hasn’t quite made it into a book yet, plus more personal reflections.


I founded Marketing for Therapists, the premier digital marketing agency for mental health clinicians. I’m proud of our expert team that helps therapists grow their practices and serve more clients. Every lead we generate is another person who gets the help they need.

I’ve been featured as an expert on digital marketing for therapists by Bloomberg magazine and I co-produced a free training on building an online presence for the American Psychological Association. I still do a bit of Google Ads freelancing myself, too!

Asking “How does that make you feel?”

Oh, and I’m a clinical psychologist in private practice. It’s a great honor to walk alongside my clients as they heal and grow. I’m not currently accepting new therapy clients, but please reach out if you’d like a referral to one of my great colleagues.

The Running of the Basset Hounds

I am not so good at other things. My handwriting is poor at best, my cooking ability is limited to “puncture film three times and microwave,” and I thought Crocs were fashionable for years. However, I like to think that my failings in these areas are endearing in the same way that a basset hound running is endearing.

Get in Touch

I like people, so if you’re a person I want to hear from you. You’re welcome to try shining my symbol on a cloud above Gotham city, but your best bet for getting in touch with me is my contact form.

In addition to the aforementioned Substack, I also have a social skills newsletter and an online marketing newsletter for therapists. Feel free to sign up for any that pique your interest (I’ll never spam you or sell your info.) There’s an easy form for the Substack below if you’re feeling generous with your email address.

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