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On this page, you’ll find detailed information about my work as a professional speaker. I’ve included a history of some of my past talks (with videos or transcripts if available), as well as a list of topics that I cover and my current availability.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Two-time TEDx speaker (talk has been viewed 300K+ times on YouTube)
  • Inspirational personal story of overcoming the social challenges of Asperger’s
  • M.A in Clinical Psychology (PsyD in progress)
  • Hundreds of hours of social skills coaching experience
  • 6+ years of online marketing and entrepreneurship experience
  • Author of three books, including one Amazon bestseller
  • Extensive speaking experience
  • For a full description of my qualifications, please read my CV

TEDx Speaker

If you want the best sense of what I’m about as a speaker, I encourage you to watch my 2018 TEDx talk “What Being Autistic Taught Me About Being Human” and my 2013 TEDx talk “My Life With Asperger’s.” These talks gives you a great sense of my story and speaking style all at once.


I enjoy speaking to audiences big and small, and I’m equally comfortable with inspirational keynotes and hands-on workshops. This list is not exhaustive, so if you’d like me to talk about something not listed, just ask!

  • Autism & Asperger’s
  • Inspirational Keynotes
  • Friendship & Community
  • Healthy Intimacy & Dating Success
  • Social Skills Training
  • Video Games & Social Skills
  • Online Marketing for Mental Health Providers

Speaking Availability

I am currently open to new speaking engagements. I’m based in the Houston, Texas area, but I am happy to travel to distant events if you reimburse travel. If you’re interested or if you have questions, just shoot me an email and let me know the details!

Selected Talks


“What Being Autistic Taught Me About Being Human

TEDxBend 2018

Spoke about my experiences of being autistic, and what we could learn from that about our universal human experience.

Supercharging Your Online Professional Practice – for Students & Early Career Psychologists

American Psychological Association

Provided a training webinar on how doctoral students and early-career psychologists could maximize the impact of their online professional presence.

Finding Your Place of Belonging

Matthew Reardon Center for Autism Conference

I discussed strategies for how people on the autism spectrum can find and choose communities where they welcomed and feel a sense of belonging.


“You Belong” for Autistic Teens & Young Adults

Love & Autism Conference

Along with colleague and friend Kyler Shumway, I led a two-day experiential workshop that provided teens and young adults on the autistic spectrum with the opportunity to experience belonging, engage in process groups, and learn practical skills for social interaction and friendship formation.

The Science of Satisfying Relationships

Sanctuary Churches Conference

Drawing on scientific insights from attachment theory and the work of Dr. John Gottman, I explained practical, research-based techniques for making interpersonal relationships more satisfying and successful. I also facilitated a discussion group at the conclusion of the conference.

Multiple Workshops and Talks

Matthew Reardon Center for Autism Conference

I taught a workshop on social skills development, a workshop on healthy dating strategies for young adults on the autistic spectrum, a class on how improv theater could help with social skills development, and gave my “Autism and the Power of Friendship” talk. Whew!


Autism And The Power of Friendship

Love & Autism Conference

I told the story of how my friends helped me change from a young boy who believed that he was bad to a young man who believed that he was loved, and encouraged listeners to unlock the power of friendship in their own lives.

Motivating Social Success for Autistic Residents

Marbridge Foundation

Provided a one-hour staff training at an assisted living facility for residents with developmental disabilities.

Marketing Your Practice Online


Led a one-hour live training webinar on online marketing strategies for private practice therapists.

Sanctuary Churches

Sanctuary Churches Conference

Co-led a three- hour workshop for church leaders on strategies to help their churches be more welcoming and supportive to congregants, especially those with mental health issues. Topics covered included supportive listening skills, suicide prevention, and knowing when to refer a congregant to mental health services.

The Secret of Small Talk

Interpublic Group

Led a one-hour live training webinar on small talk strategies for advertising executives.

  • Video (bad audio, sorry!)

Social Skills Strategies for Teens & Young Adults

Matthew Reardon Center For Autism Conference

Led a three-hour workshop on social skills development for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Audience included educators, mental health professionals, parents, and autistic individuals. Also participated in a panel on successful life after high school for autistic individuals.


Sharing Your True Abilities

Providence Place Center for Higher Independence

Delivered the graduation speech for a class of young adults with disabilities.


My Life with Asperger’s


Spoke about the insights I have gleaned during my life with Asperger’s.


To Live an Epic

Toastmasters Competition

Inspirational speech entered in a local Toastmasters competition.


Monroe Scholar Banquet Speech

Westmont College

Spoke about the lessons I had learned during my time at Westmont College.

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