True Love at Bible Camp

True love at Bible Camp

Will you be my Valentine, you of the golden locks of hair?
I would treat you with tender affection and of course, the utmost care.
Plus I think it might be fate; yes, it must have been a sign
That for dessert you picked the cake, the same dessert as mine.

I do confess I do not know your last name or hometown
But such small things could never keep true love like ours held down
I knew from the first minute that I saw you at this camp
I would have to be all over you like Lady on her Tramp.

Although we have just one week here before we’re torn apart
the time is not an issue for the matters of the heart.
I’ll hold you in my arms for our awkward make-out sessions
Giving plenty to repent of at the end-of-camp confessions.

So will you be my Valentine, darling true and fair?
My heart is yours, if only…
Wait. What?
I see.
Well, um….