2013 Resolutions

Resolved, that in 2013 the most important is Daniel being, not Daniel doing. I want to accomplish many things, but I am not my accomplishments.

(As Henri Nouwen would say, your worth is not the same as your usefulness).

Resolved, that “Daniel being” means growing in love, integrity, and faith.

(So if I have to choose between growth and “success”, I will choose growth.)

Resolved, that “Daniel being” also means growing into all that I am — discovering, accepting, and cherishing all the things (big or little) that make me me.

(The glory of God is man fully alive, and I am made to be alive in every part of me.)

Resolved, that “Daniel being” is pursuing others — discovering, accepting and cherishing all the things that make others who they are, and helping them to discover, accept and cherish all the parts of themselves.

(If we love somebody, we go out of our way to know the best of who they are)

Resolved, that “Daniel being” is Daniel being creative — and that I have a story to tell.

(2013 will be a year of writing — mostly for Improveyoursocialskills.com, but maybe other places too. At minimum, I will publish something every week.)

Resolved, that “Daniel being” sometimes means “Daniel being at rest” — and it’s ok for this to take precendence over “Daniel doing.”

(That means I’m going to set aside 1-3 days per week to be “Daniel days” where I will plan to just rest. On Daniel days, I probably won’t hang out with anyone. I still like you — but I am resting so next time we hang out, I can be energized and fully present.)

Resolved, that “Daniel being” is Daniel being loved — and that it’s hard for others to discover, accept and cherish all the things that make me me if I am always the strong one.

(It’s scary, but I will try to lean on people more.)

Resolved, that “Daniel being” is Daniel shaped by his relationships — by my family, my friends, my God.

(I am who I am because of all of you. Thank you — all of you — for your love, for the joy that you bring, and for being who you are.)