I am Daniel Wendler.

I am good at some things. For instance, I wrote an online social skills guide (now on Kindle!), and I spoke at TEDxUniversityofArizona about my life with Asperger’s.

I’m also pretty good at writing and search engine marketing. I just launched a guide about online marketing for therapists, and  I’m pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology, so one day I will be good at asking people “How does that make you feel?”

I am not so good at other things. My handwriting is poor at best, my cooking ability is limited to “puncture film three times and microwave”, and I thought Crocs were fashionable for years. However, I like to think that my failings in these areas are endearing in the same way that a basset hound running is endearing.

I like people, so I’d love to hear from you. You’re welcome to contact me by shining my symbol on a cloud above Gotham city, but your best bet for getting in touch with me is my contact form.

Prefer social media? Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube or .