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I’ve spent more than ten years helping clients succeed with Google Ads. I’d love to help you, too.

I offer three Adwords setup packages — Basic, Pro, and Premiere. They differ mainly based on the amount of keywords included, and the size of the budget you’re intending to spend.

Please note that if you are a mental health therapist, I offer versions of these packages which are specifically tailored to therapists, which you can read about here.

I also offer three a la cart services — initial consultations, SEO consulting, and custom work.

Once you find an option that appeals to you, or if you’d like to ask some questions, I’m just an email away!

Adwords Packages

All packages include:

  • Highly relevant keywords
  • Tightly organized ad groups
  • 2 ads per ad group, set to compete and choose a winner
  • Customized ad text and hand-picked destination URLs
  • Customization of campaign settings and ad extensions

Basic $2250

Suitable for: Clients with limited budgets or small niches


  • One campaign with ad extensions & geotargeting
  • Initial setup of up to 100 top keywords
  • Two weeks of management and reporting
  • 30 minutes of email support

Pro $2750

Suitable for: Most clients


  • 1-2 campaigns, with ad extensions & geotargeting
  • Initial setup of up to 200 top keywords
  • Assistance in setting up conversion tracking
  • One month of management and reporting
  • 45 minutes of email support

Premiere $3250

Suitable for: Clients with large budgets, several lines of business, or complex account needs


  • 2-5 campaigns with ad extensions & geotargeting
  • Initial setup of up to 400 top keywords
  • Assistance in setting up conversion tracking
  • Advice on designing effective landing pages
  • Six weeks of management and reporting
  • One hour of email support

Extra Services

Initial Consultation $400

Do you have an Adwords account and want to know how it can be improved? Or do you want to explore Adwords for the first time?

I will audit your current Adwords account and let you know areas of growth and opportunities for improvement. Or, if you don’t have an Adwords account, I will estimate your performance, and provide you with some guidance for getting started.

If you choose this option, you’ll get a $100 credit towards any of my Adwords packages.


  • Insights into current account performance (Existing Account.)
  • Recommended actions to take to improve your account (Existing Account.)
  • Recommended strategy for starting your account (New to Adwords)
  • Estimated cost and traffic of starting an account (New to Adwords)

Monthly Account Optimization Contact for estimate

To get the best performance, you’ll need someone to manage your account on an ongoing basis.

With monthly account optimization, I’ll spend time each month to optimize your account performance. I’ll also send you an email updating you on your account’s performance. You can either pay as you go, or save by paying for three months in advance.

Because the work of optimization increases with the size or complexity of an account, I quote individual rates for optimization, depending on your unique account. Please contact me for an estimate.


  • Bid management
  • Addition of negative keywords
  • Pausing of poor performing keywords
  • Account performance email

Google to Bing/Yahoo Conversion $200

Bing & Yahoo provide an easy way to expand the reach of your ads. Although Bing & Yahoo only have about half of the traffic of Google, cost-per-clicks on their networks tend to be a bit cheaper. For $150, I’ll take your existing Adwords account and convert it into a Bing/Yahoo account. This gets you more clicks without needing to pay more per click.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Contact for estimate

I’ve helped dozens of clients improve conversion rate on their ecommerce sites. If you’re attracting quality traffic but struggling to convert them, let me help.

SEO Consulting Contact for estimate

Although I primarily work in Adwords, I have a fair amount of expertise in SEO as well. If you would like to take your SEO efforts to the next level, I would love to help you.

Custom Work Contact for estimate

Need my help for something not listed above? I’m up to the challenge — drop me a line and let’s discuss!

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